Alto Motors has been meeting the agricultural machinery and farm machinery needs of farmers for 47 years and is now in its second generation of the family owned business. 
In June 1968 Elio and Yvonne Moscato along with Flavio and Angiolina Bagnara launched their business, ‘Alto MOTORS, in a small shed on a farm property in Yarragon.

Six months later a site became available where the business still operates today and the trading name Alto (Italian for peak) was born. The business was a garage and service station, selling and servicing Fiat cars, tractors and farm machinery.

The importing of Fiat cars ceased in the 1980s and the business then focused on agricultural machinery. The business continued to be family focused and Loretta, Michael, Anthony and Eva took over the partnership business in mid 2003 until late 2013.

Following the Molino partners resignation and sale of business, the Moscato partners’ single ownership continues to date. Today the business continues in it’s core operations and has introduced other unique Ag machinery.

With our experienced staff we offer and ensure your agricultural and farming machinery needs are met. Our selection process along with our selected training and ‘open communication’ culture ensures that our team is efficient and effective to meet all our customers’ needs.

We have a commitment of training new staff by the more experienced staff to ensure valuable skills and knowledge regarding parts, technical matters and product knowledge are maintained in house.